Oct 19
The great bass fishing circuit in Sinaloa México

Sinaloa is a state in northwestern Mexico that is a paradise for all bass anglers.…

Oct 06
Jose Carlos Mendoza Saiz

Jose Carlos Mendosa was born on September 15, 1983 in Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico, he is a…

Sep 23
Camilo Vidal Rodríguez

Camilo Vidal Rodriguez is from Mazatlan Sinaloa, although he was born by accident in…

Sep 23
Fidel Vidal Rodríguez

Fidel Vidal was born on March 3, 1981 in CDMX but actually all his life he has lived…

Jun 14
The Baja California Cup begins!

La Copa Baja California is about to start, one of the most important tournaments in…

May 24
Sport fishing banned in Colombia!

In an unprecedented and frankly ridiculous decision, the Colombian Supreme Court…

May 16
Fishing Pictures Gets You More Matches On Tinder!

Experts working on Tinder, the most popular dating platform in the world, found that…

May 02
Largest bass caught in Mexico (part one)

I am sure that, as a good angler, you have asked yourself what is the record for the…

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