Only 70 tickets available

Raffle prize is for two people:

  • 6 Fishing sessions of 5 hours with guide for 2 persons
  • 4 Nights lodging at Picachos lake for 2 persons
  • Drinks on boat for each session (beer, soft drinks, waters)
  • 4 breakfasts per person and beverages
  • 4 three-course meals and beverages per person (beer, soft drinks, waters)
  • 4 Three-course dinners per person and beverages per person (beer, soft drinks, waters)
  • Transportation Mazatlan International Airport -Picachos / Picachos- Mazatlan International Airport ✈️

** Does not include transportation to Mazatlan, Mexico.


Raffle rules:

1) If the raffle has up to 70 tickets available (available tickets are specified in each raffle), the first ball drawn is the winning numbers.

Example for Winners Drawing 70 tickets


2) If 100 percent of the raffle is sold before the drawing date, the drawing will be held three business days after reaching 100 percent. In other words, the drawing will be moved forward. The new date and time of the drawing will be sent to you by e-mail as well as the link where you will be able to see the result (Megamillions). This new date and time will also be displayed on the raffle portal.

3)Each raffle will indicate the day of the drawing. The raffle will be held on that date as long as at least 80% of the tickets have been sold. If the day of the drawing arrives and 80% of the tickets have not been sold, then the date will be postponed by one month. The new date and time will be sent to your email and will be previously stipulated in the raffle portal.

For more details of the rules click “here

fishing trip to Picachos

$1.00 Plus Taxes

Epic fishing trip to Pïcachos Lake in Mexico!
2 persons, 4 Nights lodging, 6 fishing sessions

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