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Camilo Vidal Rodriguez is from Mazatlan Sinaloa, although he was born by accident in Montpellier France, he is a fishing writer and expert in digital strategies in the areas of adventure tourism, fishing and sports.

Specialist in writing articles for blog, he focuses on the dissemination and impact of sport fishing in Mexico and the world, particularly in Latin America. He is a professional in technological strategies applied to adventure tourism, fishing and sports.

Since January 2021 he is co-founder of Nomonday fishing in Mexico a start up company dedicated to the commercialization of sport fishing services in the world as the company’s CEO.


He studied Economics at the Universidad Anahuac. Master in Public Policy at Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económica CIDE and has a Master in Public Administration at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. In all of them he specialized in technological issues.


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Technology projects applied to sport fishing

Camilo, along with the entire team has developed a platform to market fishing services in Mexico and the world.

Among the fishing spots promoted and integrated in the platform are the following:

In Mexico:

International fishing spots:


  • 2016-2021. Co-founder of AwiwiChannel a Digital Marketing agency
  • 2019-Actual. Co-founder of agency dedicated to offer tourism experiences and short-term vacation rentals.
  • 2021-Actual. Co-founder of Nomonday fishing in Mexico. Platform for selling all-inclusive fishing services.

Personal Life

Loves fishing, enjoys craft beer, goes to baseball when he is able to, is a Barcelona fan. He has a big family. He likes to explore and enjoy Mexico and the world fishing.

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Promoter of fishing in Mexico, Co-founder and SEO of fishing in México

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