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Great Friendships Forged Through Fishing All anglers know that when we go fishing, we not only catch fish, but we also catch stories. Most anglers,

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Come and fish Peacock Bass in the Caño Gavilán River in Colombia!

Imagine a trip to the bottom of the Savannah, airplane to the lodge’s runway, lodging in ecological cabins, rivers and incredible fauna, but above all the capture of a great trophy, a fish as exotic as it is beautiful, the peacock bass. And no, I am not talking about a safari in Africa. I am talking about a great fishing experience in the Colombian savannah.

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1er torneo de Pesca deportiva en Presa Picachos

Masters of bass fishing at Lake Picachos!

On September 10th, the First Sport Fishing Tournament was held at Lake Picachos, in the town of San Marcos, Mazatlan Sinaloa, organized by the Cooperative 13 de Julio 2009 under the leadership of Eloisa Roman, proudly from San Marcos, who brought together 16 teams from all parts of Mexico and the southern United States.

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