A Memorable Bass Fishing Day at Bayacora Lake in Durango

Memorable fishing day Bayacora

Last weekend, I extended an invitation to my partners and friends to join me for a day of fishing at Bayacora Lake. Hailing from Mazatlan, they were unfamiliar with this hidden gem. On the journey, they inquired about what to expect, questioning if it resembled Lakes Picachos or Baccarac. My response was a definitive no – this lake boasts its own unique attributes.

The first characteristic that caught my friends’ attention was the fact that, virtually right outside Durango city, we reached the lake in just about 30 minutes. The second delightful surprise was the lake’s sylvan beauty, adorned with pine trees and formidable rock walls, complemented by its expansive size.

Exploring Bayacora

Our expedition across the lake was dedicated to uncovering the treasures of Bayacora – its monstrous bass. Notably, the largemouth bass here tend to be larger on average compared to other regional lakes, akin to the sizes found in Lakes Huites or Baccarac, averaging between 4.4 to 8.8 pounds. However, their catch rate is moderate, requiring a bit of a battle.

According to the lake guides, the substantial size of the bass can be attributed to a combination of factors. Firstly, the lake has only one access point and lacks a boat launch for private boats. Secondly, the lake remains relatively unknown among the locals of Durango (a phenomenon parallel to what occurs in lakes in Sinaloa). Lastly, all anglers who frequent Bayacora adhere to a catch-and-release philosophy, fostering an environment of responsible fishing and allowing the bass to flourish.

As we embarked on our initial exploration with the boat and our guide, casting lines in some spots while visualizing others in rocky areas, shallows, and points, we quickly decided to establish our fishing camp on the lake’s island. There, we discovered fishing spots that could easily grace the pages of the finest fishing magazines.

Catching Monster Bass

On the lake’s island, the bass were biting, bringing joy to our hearts. However, my friends observed something I had already conveyed – in Bayacora, the later the fishing, the better. True to this notion, the afternoon fishing session from 3 to 8 pm stood out, with our guide Alejandro showcasing his prowess with three commendable catches. So, when planning your fishing escapade here, my strong recommendation is to prioritize the late afternoon and evening sessions.

Unlike other Mexican lakes renowned for bass fishing, Bayacora experiences its prime season in spring and, more prominently, in summer – spanning from March through September. There is no finer time to pursue a trophy bass than during the serene summer afternoons. Additionally, during this period, you can set up camp in remarkable and secure locations within the lake, allowing you to fish from dawn to dusk and find repose under the starlit skies.

Enjoying a nice meal by the Lake Shore

In between our fishing endeavors, we took a delightful break for lunch at the lake’s restaurant. Mrs. Araceli and her family treated us like royalty. Our feast included everything – from fried mojarras and ceviche to caldo levanta muertos and delectable gorditas de picadillo rojo. The fried mojarra, accompanied by a special sauce of habanero with shrimp, is a culinary adventure worth experiencing, provided you have a penchant for spicy delights.

As our fishing day concluded, we were all content – fatigued, sun-kissed, yet thoroughly happy. Afterward we made our way back to Durango city, and I shared with the group a tip about a charming spot in the historic center, featuring an amazing DJ and an open-air rooftop overlooking the cathedral. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves there, enjoying a great time.

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